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Year 6 LEGO Workshop

19 Jan Year 6 LEGO Workshop

Pupils in Y6 had a fantastic workshop in school this week, as visitors from Sunderland University brought their amazing LEGO equipment into school. The workshop is designed to support the building of the next generation of creative thinkers and problem solvers and the children certainly met the task at hand.

We had to follow instructions from the iPads to build ‘Milo the Science Rover’ and then programme it to move.

The visitors were very impressed with our ability to use the equipment, even commenting that some older year groups have struggled to follow the same instructions.

We also received some wonderful comments from the girls running the workshop about our children. “We had a fantastic time working with your year 6 pupils, they are a real pleasure to work with, they are very polite, engaging and also very enthusiastic.”

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